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ISPRM turns 20! Best Wishes to All

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ISPRM has turned 20 on November 13th, 2019! Watch the special video messages below sent from members of our President’s Cabinet, Executive Committee, Council of Past Presidents, Committee and Task Force Chairs.  

Names and respective positions in order of appearance:

1. Walter Frontera – ISPRM President (2018-2020)

2. Khalil Alabbadi –  ISPRM Executive Committee Member (Eastern Mediterranean Rep. of Active National Societies)

3. Gerold Stucki –  ISPRM Past President (2010-2012)

4. Andre Thevenon – Chair of the ISPRM Publications and Communications Committee

5. Chang-il Park – ISPRM Past President ( 2006-2008)

6. Francesca Gimigliano – ISPRM Vice President

Names and respective positions in order of appearance:

1. Carlotte Kiekens – Chair of the ISPRM-WHO Liaison Committee

2. Stefano Negrini – Chair of the ISPRM Raising Awareness on Rehabilitation in Medical Journals Task Force

3. Peter Lim – ISPRM Secretary

4. Jianan Li – ISPRM Past President (2014-2016)

5. Carolina Schiappacasse – ISPRM Executive Committee Member (South America Rep. of Active National Societies)

6. Fary Khan – Chair of the ISPRM Disaster Rehabilitation Committee 7. Linamara Battistella – ISPRM Past President (2004-2006)

Names and respective positions in order of appearance:

1. Marta Imamura – ISPRM Past President (2012-2014)

2. Taslim Uddin – ISPRM Executive Committee Member (Asia & Oceania Rep. of Active Individual Members)

3. Adam Stein – AAP President

4. Rochelle Dy – Chair of the ISPRM Education Committee

5. Areerat Suputtitada – Chair of the ISPRM Women and Health Task Force

6. Lidian Chen – ISPRM Executive Committee Member (Central & East Asia Rep. of Active National Societies)

A huge THANK YOU to all our Individual and National Society members!

We look forward to your continuous support in our mission ‘’to optimize functioning and health-related quality of life and minimize disability in persons with disabilities and medical problems throughout the world.‘’

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