Early in 2019 President’s Cabinet of ISPRM decided to establish an inaugural international task force - ISPRM World Youth Forum which represents early-career physiatrists (up to 5 years after completion of training), PMR residents, fellows and medical students of the world. The President’s Cabinet selected a nine-member board that officially started in June 2019.

Currently, the Board consists of youth from Australia, Brazil, Burundi, Canada, France, Italy, Japan, Madagascar, Nepal, Pakistan and USA.

Additionally, each country will have a youth Country Ambassador to ISPRM World Youth Forum (list down below).

Youths can also join the forum as General Members.

This is a great opportunity for individuals in their early stage of career and training to develop leadership skills and build strong foundation for their career development.


To develop an international network of medical students, PRM residents, fellows and early-career specialists that are interested in promoting the mission and goals of ISPRM.


  • To raise awareness of the importance of rehabilitation to improve health and enhance functioning
  • To encourage future PRM specialists to conduct research in rehabilitation
  • To contribute to the development of leaders in ISPRM and the field of PRM


General Membership:

  1. Number: unlimited
  2. Mechanism of selection: Recommendations made by the Chief Coordinator or at least two Board members of the task force and approved by the President’s Cabinet of ISPRM
  3. Eligibility: any PRM resident, fellows, young specialist (up to 5 years after becoming PRM specialist), or medical student that is an ISPRM Individual member in good standing

Country Ambassador:

  1. Number: There will be one official Country Ambassador per country
  2. Mechanism of selection: The recommendations are made by national society of the country or ISPRM//ISPRM Regional Organizations/ISPRM World Youth Forum Board members.


2019 Activities & Achievements

  • Annual General Meeting of the Board was held in Kobe, Japan on June 11th 2019.
  • ISPRM World youth Forum Panel Discussion where youth from about twenty countries participated in Kobe, Japan on June 12th 2019.

1st WYF Panel at ISPRM2019_with Prof. Walter Frontera

  • Youth Meet in coordination with residents of Japanese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine (JARM) was held on June 12th, 2019 with participations of around 50 youth.

1st WYF Panel at the ISPRM2019

  • Regular tri-monthly meeting of the Board.
  • Meeting of Board with ISPRM President, Dr. Walter Frontera.
  • The process of appointment of Country Ambassadors is ongoing.

Looking Ahead to 2020

1. Annual General Meeting of the Board will be held during ISPRM/AAP2020 conference.

2. ISPRM World youth Forum in coordination with Resident-Fellow Council of American Academy of Physiatrists will organize a Panel Discussion for residents and medical students on March 7th 2020.

3. Participation at medical student-resident round table discussion at ISPRM/AAP2020 conference in coordination with Resident-Fellow Council of American Academy of Physiatrists.

4. Participation at program director-resident round table discussion at ISPRM/AAP2020 conference in coordination with Resident-Fellow Council of American Academy of Physiatrists.

5. ISPRM in medical school program: Youth Country Ambassador will deliver a presentation in medical schools of their country about Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (PRM), ISPRM and ISPRM World Youth Forum.

6. Active participation of ISPRM World Youth Forum board members, country ambassadors and members at regional PRM conferences.

7. Celebration of World Days related to disability and rehabilitation medicine by organizing country-0specific events.

8. International youth collaboration for educational exchange program and multi-national research activities.

Click HERE for the ISPRM Business Meetings Schedule in Orlando. 

The ISPRM WYF Around the Globe

The names of all current WYF Country Ambassadors are listed below, as per ISPRM Areas (click on the image below).



Eastern Mediterranean


Central & East Asia


Southern & South East Asia

Central America

North America

South America