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Herman J. Flax Lifetime Achievement Award

The Herman Flax Lifetime Achievement Award was established by the International Rehabilitation Medicine Association in honour of Herman Flax who provided outstanding leadership to IRMA and his specialty throughout his long career as an academic physiatrist. ISPRM continues this award to honour individuals with a lifetime of outstanding and unique contributions to the care of individuals with disability and the specialty of physical and rehabilitation medicine.

Dr. Herman J. Flax (1917-2012)

Recipients of this award will have made contributions in the areas of patient care, research, education, administration and advocacy including advancing the ISPRM. This award is ISPRM’s highest honour and is awarded on a bi-annual basis.

2019 Linamara Battistella Brazil ISPRM
2017 Joel DeLisa USA ISPRM
2015 Chang Il-Park  South Korea ISPRM
2013 Guy Vanderstraeten  Belgium ISPRM
2011 Zongyao Wu China ISPRM
2009 Naoichi Chino Japan ISPRM
2007 Gunnar Grimby  Sweden ISPRM
2005 John Melvin USA ISPRM
2003 William Peek The Netherlands ISPRM
2001 Jose Jimenez Canada ISPRM
1999 Martin Grabois USA IRMA/ISPRM
1997 Hans Hachen Switzerland IRMA
1994 Herman J. Flax USA IRMA

Sidney Licht Lectureship Award

The Sidney Licht Lectureship Award was established by the International Rehabilitation Medicine Association in honour of Sidney Licht, its founding father and a tireless advocate for the expansion of rehabilitation medicine. ISPRM continues this award to honour physiatrists who have made consistent contributions to the advancement of international physical and rehabilitation medicine.

Dr. Sidney Licht (1908–1979)

Those receiving the award will be respected and admired by their peers for their outstanding accomplishments in advancing the care of those with disabilities internationally, and for their leadership within the ISPRM. The ISPRM when selecting individuals for this award includes among the criteria recognition that the awardees have substantive information to share with their colleagues through the lectureships.

2020 Naomi Lynn Gerber  USA  ISPRM
2019 Isabelle Laffont  France  ISPRM
2018 Fary Khan Australia ISPRM
2017 Nachum Soroker Israel ISPRM
2016 Gerard Francisco USA ISPRM
2015 Eiichi Saitoh Japan ISPRM
2014 Ian Cameron Australia ISPRM
2013 Henk Stam The Netherlands ISPRM
2011 Walter Frontera Puerto Rico ISPRM
2009 Gulseren Akyuz Turkey ISPRM
2007 Joel DeLisa USA ISPRM
2005 Gerold Stucki Switzerland ISPRM
2001 Satoshi Ueda Japan ISPRM
1999 Wynn Parry UK ISPRM
1997 Martin Grabois USA IRMA
1994 John Basmajian Canada IRMA
1990 Herman J. Flax Puerto Rico IRMA
1986 Ofelia Reyes The Philippines IRMA
1982 Howard Rusk USA IRMA

Haim Ring Memorial Awards

Prof. Haim Ring (1944-2008)

- Individual

ISPRM established the Haim Ring Memorial Award – Individual to honour Haim Ring, its second President and an inspirational leader. This award recognizes individual members who demonstrate outstanding accomplishments in promoting international visits and exchanges.

2020 Jianjun Li  China
2019 Andrew Haig  USA
2017 Andrew Cole Australia
2015 Anthony B. Ward UK
2013 Bryan O’Young USA
2011 Mark Young USA

- Institutional

ISPRM also established the Haim Ring Memorial Award – Institutional to honour Haim Ring. It recognizes institutions who demonstrate strong engagement in hosting international visitors and exchanges.

2020 The Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, The Royal Melbourne Hospital and The University of Melbourne  Melbourne, Australia
2019 Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine Institute of the University of Sao Paulo Medical School General Hospital (Instituto de Medicina Física e Reabilitação do Hospital das Clínicas da Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de São Paulo, IMREA-HCFMUSP)  São Paulo, Brazil
2017 The Center of Rehabilitation Medicine in the First Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University Nanjing, China
2015 Department of Rehabilitation Medicine,
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Baltimore, MD, USA
2013 Department of Rehabilitation Medicine,
Jefferson Medical College
Philadelphia, PA, USA
2011 Department of Rehabilitation Medicine,
Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine

Individual Honour Role Members

Individual Honour Role Membership is granted by the Executive Committee to any Active Member following a recommendation of the Awards and Nominating Committee, as a mark of respect in recognition of distinguished contributions to the field of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine.

The following members have been recognised for their contributions to the field of PRM and are Individual Honour Role Members of ISPRM:

2008 Martin Grabois USA
2007 John Melvin USA
2007 Haim Ring (†2008) Israel
2007 Sae-Il Chun Korea
2005 Carl V. Granger USA
2005 Satiko T. Imamura Brazil
2001 Jose Jimenez Canada
2001 Satoshi Ueda Japan
1988 Gustave Gingras (1996) Canada (IFPMR)
1988 Alan T. Jousse Canada (IFPMR)
1978 Sidney Licht (†1979) USA (IRMA)
1976 Francisco Barnosell Spain (IFPMR)
1968 Frank Krusen (†1973) USA (IFPMR)
1964 Frederic Kottke (†2014) USA (IFPMR)
1960 Philippe Bauwens UK (IFPMR)
1960 Sven Clemmenson

Individual Honorary Members

Any person approved by the Executive Committee who has made outstanding contributions to the management and care of people with impairments and disabilities.

2001 Donna Jones – Honorary Membership