ISSUE 41, June 2019
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Dear colleagues:
We just experienced an outstanding event, the 13th ISPRM World Congress, in Kobe, Japan. First of all, I would like to express our most sincere thanks and congratulations to the Japanese leaders, Professors Kubo, Saitoh, and Domen, and to all of our Japanese colleagues for their commitment to the organization of an outstanding scientific program and very enjoyable social events. We will remember this Congress for many years to come!
The ISPRM Committees and Task Forces met, with many of you participating in these meetings, to define an ambitious agenda. This is significant because a lot of the work of the Society is done by and via the Committees and Task Forces. Congratulations for a job well done. A special mention must be made of the first meeting of the ISPRM World Youth Forum, which opened an important space for our younger colleagues, residents, and medical students interested in PRM. Their energy, enthusiasm, and scientific contributions will decide the future of our field. Several colleagues representing low income countries attended the Congress with the support of the ISPRM International Education and Development Fund and the IDSPRM Scope Book was published in the Journal of ISPRM (open access) during the Congress. These were some of thew activities that characterized the week in Japan. Finally, the Assembly of Delegates selected Cartagena, Colombia to host the 2023 ISPRM World Congress.
It is now time to think about the next meeting, the 14th ISPRM World Congress to be hell in Orlando, Florida, USA and hosted by the Association of Academic Physiatrists (AAP). I know our AAP colleagues and the ISPRM Congress Scientific Committee have big plans. I certainly hope to see all of you there!
Most sincerely yours,
Walter R. Frontera, MD, PhD, FRCP
ISPRM President

Monday, July 8th is the LAST DAY to submit proposals for educational sessions at ISPRM 2020! This is a can’t-miss opportunity to influence next year’s World Congress, being held for the first time in the continental United States.
Gain international exposure for your ideas and develop connections and collaborations as you present in front of over 3,000 physiatrists and trainees. Submit your topics to be considered for workshops and educational sessions by July 8, 2019 at
ISPRM Committee Updates
ISPRM Education Commitee is pleased to announce that the PRM Core Curriculum & Competency is ready for viewing and comments from all esteemed members of ISPRM. This document aims to provide a set of fundamental theoretical knowledge requirements and competencies expected in the professional practice of Physical & Rehabilitation Medicine. Given the variability in practice and resource availability in each geographic location, emphasis is placed on basic foundational concepts and principles of PRM. In short a “universal” core curriculum with specific minimum standard for PRM training.
Do kindly take the survey as below. We look forward to all your valuable feedbacks

Click Here to Access the Draft and Survey

Excitement among of the youth around the world – ISPRM Task Force - World Youth Forum

ISPRM has been supporting and encouraging the youth members throughout its 20-year history. Recently, the concept of establishing a youth body received good feedback at different ISPRM meetings. In early 2019, ISPRM President Prof. Walter Frontera and President’s Cabinet formulated the Operational Guidelines and nominated three youth leaders to lead the task force - ISPRM World Youth Forum.
The purpose of the task force is to develop an international network of medical students, PMR residents, fellows and early-career specialists (up-to 5-years after graduation) that are interested in promoting the mission and goals of ISPRM. There has been increasing interest and excitement among youth to join and contribute for this cause.

The nine- Board members of the ISPRM Task Force - World Youth Forum was ratified by Executive Committee at ISPRM2019 World Congress in Kobe, Japan. The Task Committee leading members are equally represented by both genders, including countries from low income to high income categories and covering the major WHO geographical regions of the world. The inaugural annual general meeting of the Task Force was held on 11th June 2019.

An official Panel Discussion for youth in ISPRM was attended by youth from about 20 countries. Prof. Frontera expressed his special interest on this youth forum during the panel discussion.
ISPRM WYF Panel Group picture

On 12th June 2019, social gathering organized in coordination with youth of JARM was attended by more than 50 youth from around the world.
ISPRM WYF JARM social gathering
Currently ISPRM Task Force - World Youth Forum is recruiting Country Representatives (one person per country, officially recommended by the National PM&R society, if available) and unlimited number of general members.

The Task Force leadership will initiate PMR/ISPRM related activities all around the world with the help of the regional and National Representatives.
AAP and ISPRM Task Force - World Youth Forum have verbally agreed to coordinate the youth-related activities at ISPRM2020 World Congress in Orlando, USA.  (article by Dr. Manoj Poudel)


The WHO liaison committee had a very active participation in the ISPRM2019 congress that took place in Kobe Japan June 9-13th.
We started on Sunday with the general meeting of the committee. In this two-hour meeting, the following points were discussed:
  1. Welcome by the ISPRM president and the committee chair.
  2. Report of activities and WHO collaboration plan by the secretary 
  3. ISPRM 2020 Orlando proposals
  4. Collaboration with regional offices of the WHO
  5. Global Rehabilitation Alliance (GRA)
  6. Side event for WHA73
  7. WHO Project “package of rehabilitation interventions” Rehabilitation 2030
  8. Future actions of the subcommittees, collaborations between committees, possible synergies?
If you would like to know more about our committee, click on the following link to see a pdf with the report of activities >>
ISPRM is in official relationship with the World Health Organization (WHO) since 1999 as a non-State actor. Walter Frontera, our president, Carlotte Kiekens and Vanessa Seijas, chair and secretary of the ISPRM-WHO liaison committee and Gerold Stucki attended the 72nd World Health Assembly (#WHA72) in Geneva, taking place from 20 to 28th May. ISPRM made four statements on agenda points that we will consecutively publish in ISPRM News & Views.

The second one relates to agenda point 11.6 on Health, environment and climate change.
You can read the full statement HERE and click below to watch the video.

Global PM&R updates!
We want to congratulate the New officers of the PM&R Society of the Dominican Republic

From left to right: Dra Luz Perez Labour, delegada region sur; Francisca Rijo, delegada region este; Alfakeny Villalona, vocal; Ivelisse Holguin, presidente; Eunice Nuñez, vicepresidente; Mariel Alberto, secretaria; Yira Garcia, tesorera; Josefa Espinosa, delegada Distrito.
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Cochrane Rehabilitation Newsletter

The Newsletter contains an update on the Cochrane Rehabilitation activities, Cochrane Systematic Reviews and blogshots of rehabilitation interest.
Cochrane Rehabilitation Newsletter Issue 19| April 2019 >>
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Upcoming events

Stay up-to-date about PRM events throughout the year  
The following events will take place in the coming months:


ISCoS 2019
 5 - 7 November 2019, Nice, France


► World Musculus 2019
October 10th, 11th, 12th, Armenia (Quindio), Colombia

The 4th Annual MENA Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Congress
 31 October - 2 November 2019, Dubai, UAE

14th ISPRM World Congress - ISPRM 2020
 4-9 March 2020, Orlando, USA

If you want to have your upcoming event listed here as well, contact us through

Future ISPRM World Congresses

14th ISPRM World Congress - ISPRM 2020
4-9 March, Orlando, USA

15th ISPRM World Congress - ISPRM 2021
16-19 May, Lisbon, Portugal

16th ISPRM World Congress - ISPRM 2022
Sydney, Australia

17th ISPRM World Congress - ISPRM 2023
Cartagena, Colombia
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