January 30, 2019

Latest News from Prof. Fary Khan and the Disaster Rehabilitation Committee (DRC)

The DRC ISPRM is very active and has an ambitious agenda aligned with the ISPRM objectives of developing Rehabilitation staff expertise, information, education and resources in disaster settings. The following activities are underway with a number of Working Groups (WGs) within the DRC:


DRC Operational Guidelines – have been reviewed and submitted to Executive for approval.

DRC Membership lists are being updated for current members (and non-members) who comply with requirements and have valid registration.

Collaboration with the WHO Collaborating Centre for Strengthening Rehabilitation Capacity (Sydney Australia) to work with various ISPRM Committees. Strategy to be discussed with PC at the Kobe meeting 2019 for opportunities for capacity development in Rehabilitation Medicine, education, research and collaboration.

ISPRM policy statement on response to a sudden-onset natural disaster – currently working group developing a draft response for ISPRM PC consideration. Interested members to please contact Chair DRC.

ISPRM participation in the WHO EMT Initiative (EMTI)

ISPRM DRC participated in this Initiative by consulting on development of WHO EMT Minimum Technical Standards and Recommendations for Rehabilitation policy guidance. Also, DRC represented ISPRM at the global EMT meetings in Panama (2015) and in Hong Kong (2016) and advised ISPRM National Society members (Australia, Bangladesh) on EMT procedures for participating on national specialized rehabilitation cell EMTs in the international response to the Nepal Earthquake (2015).  Currently, DRC is involved in supporting Indonesian Rehabilitation Faculty (EQ in Lombok)-liaising with Dr Angela Tulaar. Dr Ganchoon supporting Philippines Society Rehab Medicine for Hurricane Mangkhut.

The current EMTI methodology is to support local country capacity. The DRC ISPRM may strengthen and contribute to integration in EMTI implementation by:

Build evidence for Rehabilitation Medicine in Disaster settings – WG’s various manuscripts in preparation. These include:

Teaching and capacity building initiatives facilitated by DRC and the Rehabilitation Flying Faculty (Australia) include:

Other activities: