Journal Club

The ISPRM Education Committee is pleased to invite you to attend the forthcoming online educational activity.

There are two kinds of online activity: Journal Club (JC) and Clinical Update Lecture (CUL).

The main objective of this educational activity is to acquaint you with the basic knowledge necessary for a critical appraisal of the PRM literature and to provide you with the best level of information in PRM. If you have not done so, please register NOW, following the instructions below.

Registration, login and password: For registration and FREE live on-line access please send an e-mail to asking for your FREE registration and to receive a login and password.

Electronic address to conect to the videostream:

Note that access to the JC virtual room via this address will be granted only to those who have previously registered through

Time of the Journal Club: Dr Marta Imamura, President of the ISPRM, who organized the ISPRM JC, is from Sao-Paulo. Therefore, the announced JC/CUL time is for time zone GMT -3 (or -2 when summer clock is operative there). The following link will bring you to an internet site where you will be able to verify easily the corresponding time in your place.

System requirements: The JC/CUL is recorded and transmitted online through the internet using video-streaming technology. In order to participate online without repeated interruptions for buffering, the internet connection of your computer should allow a transfer rate of 512kbps or more.

Offline access to past meetings:  ISPRM Journal Club sessions are recorded in order to enable offline access for PRM practitioners who could not attend online.