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HOW can Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine help?

Creating miracles is the work of doctors who specialize in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine.  The care we provide and the teams we mobilize can realize the dreams of children who never thought they could walk, younger people whose injuries seemed to have dashed their dreams, and older people whose frailty seems to make dreams impossible.  Whether it is a stroke, back pain, birth disability, war amputation, paraplegia due to motor vehicle or labour accidents or dozens of other disabling diseases, we are proud of what we do for our society.

Our colleagues at the World Health Organization estimate that only 1-2% of persons with disability in the world receive rehabilitation medicine services.  If that number is ever going to change, it will be because of the strength of ISPRM on the world stage.  Important projects include:

  • Dissemination of modern rehabilitation information to doctors around the world by sponsoring our News and Views newsletter or our website.
  • Building the strength of the organization by supporting personnel at the world headquarters
  • Supporting our web-based training program for doctors who cannot travel to train in all aspects of rehabilitation.
  • Sponsoring a doctor or student on an international learning experience through Operation Global Goniometry (
  • Supporting a myriad of other projects ranging from scientific research on disease and disability to advocacy and partnership with professional colleagues and persons who have disability.

How can you help?

Help build your own legacy while strengthening the organization that can change the world for persons with disability.  Donate to the ISPRM or contact us to see how you can help.
You can help us by donating a small or large amount.  To donate directly, please contact our Executive Director (