Mission and goals


The mission of the International Society for Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (ISPRM) is to optimize functioning and health-related quality of life and minimize disability in persons with disabilities and medical problems throughout the world.



  • enabling physicians and researchers active in physical and rehabilitation medicine to develop and apply optimal care
  • strengthening the development and capacity of national organisations in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine
  • partnering with international organisations to develop and implement effective disability and rehabilitation policies
  • promoting collaboration among governments, non-governmental organisations, organisations of persons with disabilities, business and others



  • To influence rehabilitation policies and activities of international organizations interested in the analysis of functional capacity and improvement of the individual quality of life.
  • To help national professional organizations to influence national and local governments on issues related to the field of medical rehabilitation.
  • To encourage and support the development of a comprehensive medical specialist in physical and rehabilitation medicine.
  • To develop appropriate models for physician training and, therefore, involvement and participation in the medical rehabilitation process ensuring that their level of training is optimal for the required community needs.
  • To encourage a wide interest of physical and rehabilitation medicine in all physicians.
  • To provide means to facilitate research activities and communication at the international level.
  • To provide mechanisms to facilitate international exchange regarding different aspects of rehabilitation including disseminating information regarding rehabilitation related meetings.