Committees and Task Forces

Interested in joining an/several ISPRM Committees and Task Forces? Please fill out the application form (available to download as a Word file here or as a PDF here) and send the form to the appropriate Committee Chair(s) with in copy.

    Congress Scientific Committee Learn More

    Congress Scientific Committee

    the purpose of the Congress Scientific Committee (CSC) is to ensure a smooth and continuous organisation and planning of ISPRM international congresses.

    Read the Congress Scientific Committee operational guidelines >>

  • 2018 World Congress Paris
  • John Olver Asia & Oceania – Member
  • Eiichi Saitoh Asia & Oceania - Member
  • Tiebin Yan Asia & Oceania - Member
  • Federico Montero Americas – Member
  • William Micheo Americas - Member
  • Patricia Vergara Americas – Member
  • Gulseren Akyuz Europe, Eastern Mediterranean, Africa - Member
  • Xanthi Michail Europe, Eastern Mediterranean, Africa - Member
  • Guy Vanderstraeten Europe, Eastern Mediterranean, Africa – Member
  • Naomi Lynn Gerber Chair CSC - ISPRM 2017 World Congress Buenos Aires - Ex-officio
  • Julia Patrick Engkasan Chair CSC - ISPRM 2016 World Congress Kuala Lumpur - Ex-officio
  • Franco Franchignoni Chair CSC - ISPRM 2015 World Congress Berlin - Ex-officio
  • Jorge Lains President - Ex-officio
  • Kazuhisa Domen Chair CSC - ISPRM 2019 World Congress Kobe - Observer
  • 2019 World Congress Kobe
  • William Micheo Americas - Member
  • Federico Montero Americas - Member
  • Carolina Schiappacasse Americas - Member
  • Moon Suk Bang Asia & Oceania - Member
  • Ian Cameron Asia & Oceania - Member
  • Jianan Li Asia & Oceania - Member
  • Gulseren Akyuz Europe, Eastern Mediterranean, Africa - Member
  • Jolanta Kujawa Europe, Eastern Mediterranean, Africa - Member
  • Guy Vanderstraeten Europe, Eastern Mediterranean, Africa - Member
  • Isabelle Laffont Chair CSC - ISPRM 2018 World Congress Paris - Ex-officio
  • Naomi Lynn Gerber Chair CSC - ISPRM 2017 World Congress Buenos Aires - Ex-officio
  • Julia Patrick Engkasan Chair CSC - ISPRM 2016 World Congress Kuala Lumpur - Ex-officio
  • Walter Frontera President - Ex-officio
  • Leonard Li President Elect - Ex-officio

    International Exchange Committee (IEC) Learn More

    International Exchange Committee (IEC)

    International Exchange Committee (IEC)


    The ISPRM INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE PROGRAM COMMITTEE serves as a central clearing house for unique educational and learning opportunities in Physical & Rehabilitation Medicine, across all continents.

    The Primary Functions and Responsibilities of the Committee:

    • To serve as a central clearing house for international learning opportunities in Rehabilitation
    • To facilitate placement of medical students, residents, faculty physicians and allied rehabilitation professionals in global observership rotations
    • To share information about global PRM educational opportunities with the membership of the organization
    • To track the outcomes, progress and successes of the committee’s educational initiatives
    • To interface and network with other rehabilitation educational organizations in pursuit of International Education and Scholarship in the field
    • To track the individual accomplishments and endeavors of the committee.

    Listings of worldwide participating host healthcare facilities for voluntary observership rotations have been established on the web site Please note that Username and Password can be found on the members section of the website.

  • Bryan O'Young Chair
  • Maria Amparo Martinez Assucena Continental Director for Europe, Eastern Mediterranean, and Africa
  • Giampaolo de Sena Vice Chair
  • Calogero Foti Member
  • Reynaldo Rey-Matias Member
  • Dongfeng Huang Continental Director for Asia-Oceania
  • Antonio Stecco Member
  • Areerat Suputtitada Member
  • Sam Wu Continental Director for the Americas
  • Mark Young Member

    Publications and Communications Committee Learn More

    Publications and Communications Committee


    The President of ISPRM with the approval of the Executive Committee shall appoint a Chair and members of the Publications and Communications Committee. The Committee shall assume oversight of the official publications of ISPRM to disseminate scientific and educational information to the society’s membership and the PRM and rehabilitation community worldwide.

    The Committee has 3 subcommittees:

    1. Journal
    2. News & Views
    3. Website.


    1. To oversee and coordinate the operations of the ISPRM publications including the Newsletter, Website, and Journal(s)
    2. To provide content for the “News & Views” electronic newsletter and website
    3. To liaise with the Chief Editor(s) and Editorial Board(s) of the Official Journal(s) of the Society

    Structure and organisation

    The Committee will have one chair and be divided into 3 sub-committees, each with a chair.  Each sub-committee will have responsibility for one of the 3 important publications of the Society: Newsletter, Website, and Journal(s).  Each sub-committee will have sufficient members to represent different countries and regions of the World.  The Committee will maintain close cooperation with the Regional Vice Presidents in order to collect material from their Regions. The Chair will prepare and submit an annual report regarding the Committee’s activities to the Executive Committee and/or Board.

    Members of the Publications Committee will include those assigned to coordinate the activities of each of the three methods of communication. The number of Committee Members can vary depending upon the needs of the Committee. The Committee members must try to find and encourage colleagues from their countries or regions to send information of activities to the Newsletter and website. The sub-committees will co-operate with the Secretary and the Executive Director of ISPRM to disseminate information about ISPRM.

    Click here to read the Publications and Communications Committee operational guidelines

  • Andre Thevenon Chair - News & Views Chair
  • David Burke Website Chair
  • Franco Franchignoni Journal Chair
  • Paolo Boldrini News & Views Member
  • Randall Braddom News & Views Member
  • Joaquim Chaler Journal Member
  • Leighton Chan
  • Di Cui Website Member
  • Walter Frontera Journal Member
  • Andrew Haig Website Member
  • Shin-Ichi Izumi Journal Member
  • Nitin Jain
  • Deog Young Kim Website Member
  • Jolanta Kujawa Journal Member
  • Jorge Lains News & Views Member
  • Jianan Li News & Views Member
  • Leonard Li News & Views - Website Member
  • Stefano Negrini Journal Member
  • Ali Otom
  • Levent Ozcakar Journal Member
  • Dominic Perennou
  • Marcelo Riberto Journal Member
  • Seyed Mansoor Rayegani News & Views Member
  • Yaron Sacher Website Member
  • Nachum Soroker Website Member
  • Anton Wicker News & Views Member
  • Mark Young Website Member
  • Gerard Francisco Ex-officio member - Editor In Chief JISPRM