International Exchange Committee (IEC)

The ISPRM INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE PROGRAM COMMITTEE serves as a central clearing house for unique educational and learning opportunities in Physical & Rehabilitation Medicine, across all continents.

 The Primary Functions and Responsibilities of the Committee:

  •  To serve as a central clearing house for international learning opportunities in Rehabilitation
  •  To facilitate placement of medical students, residents, faculty physicians and allied rehabilitation professionals in global observership rotations
  •  To share information about global PRM educational opportunities with the membership of the organization
  •  To track the outcomes, progress and successes of the committee’s educational initiatives
  •  To interface and network with other rehabilitation educational organizations in pursuit of International Education and Scholarship in the field
  •  To track the individual accomplishments and endeavors of the committee.

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Please note that access username and password are provided to all ISPRM members and can be found on the members’ section of the website.